Spiritual and Green Alchemy

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(Italiano) L’Antica Taverna del Principe si apre all’ALCHIMIA e alla SPAGYRIA

ALCHEMY is creative and spiritual quest in synergy and harmony with the rhythms and the processes of nature.

It will be interesting, during the seminar, deepen the energy states of nature and the different states of human consciousness, which can connect to the “mind” of the universe.

We get closer to the less visible phenomena that guide the nature and human life: the path of alchemical knowledge, personal and direct, where the investigator and the subject experienced influence each other.

We will experience the gradual transformations in the alchemical work active in the human psycho-physical structure, including a state of integration between body, soul and spirit, which is essential for a prolonged health.

during the seminar will be offered in fact, some practical experiments, in particular regarding the green alchemy or Spagyria, that does not end in the use of medicinal plants, but also in the production of vegetable talismans with initiatory and transcendental powers.

The alchemical hermeticism has indeed turned 360 degrees to all aspects of edell’uomo nature, both inner and outer, both physical and metaphysical.

The seminar will take place in part with the fascinating world of plants, stimulating the sharing among all participants of a particular experience out of the ordinary.

Is born! The new site that tells us

It ‘been a long, hard-working; He has created many doubts and uncertainties!

As we tell?

How to convey the passion for this project, hope to maintain the determination to achieve our goals, fears of making mistakes and the ability to start again after every fall, research continues to refine our proposals, the effort to keep our authenticity, enthusiasm in combining life and work?

How to succeed in everything without the warmth of a handshake, without the light of a smiling glance, without the moist scent of sage and rosemary, without the echo of crickets to the moon, without the sweet taste and intense of the cake with wine?

With this SITE, our FACEBOOK PAGE, our BLOG, we hope to have succeeded; but the best way is still to meet us in person!

Popular Small Orchestra C.O. Panzillo – Napoli , between music and theater

Once again the “Panzillo” with their talent they were able to convey strong emotions and vibrant that allowed everyone to make a cultural journey into the true Raffaele Viviani, Napoli artist of considerable thickness of the first years of the last century, perhaps even slightly He is known to many. Thank you for this tribute and congratulations for music research and the mastery of.

Theatre Proskenion – “Salsi colui, buried stories”

“Pity” praised by Dante in “salsi colui che ‘nnanellata pria…” the song of the Purgatory V is the “leitmotif” of the play of the Theatre Proskenion. Pity, the feeling off from the soul of the father of the Baroness of Carini, the daughter who will kill to save the family honor, unfortunately is out also from many of today’s stories. Vincenzo Mercurio with his company was able to capture and explain all this in only 40 minutes, through a representation of ancient and modern at the same time.