More than forty years lived in a city where we were born, then the feeling that something was changing:  there was more behind our habits, our personal commitments and passions…

A feeling that becomes slowly but surely, a wish before, then a necessity,  for something mysterious and original at the same time; the knowledge our little story of people and family was closely,strictly, inextricably linked to our land and its history.

A new love, an ancient vocation!

A large stone building with courtyards and barns, a river that flows through all seasons , a cheerful waterfall, a silent “natural pool”,  water mills, the distant echo of brigands bands, ascient Roman ruins of a city, caves treasures, ravines and beeches hidden by massive montains…

And it’s here we are experiencing our new life!

We did not choose this place,  this land, but this home has called us … when we saw it for the first time, without thinking we’ve exclaimed “It’s this one!”

We had a dream, it has become a project, slowly we are achieving ,sometimes with difficulty: REDISCOVER and SUPPORT the “Genius Loci”, the spirit of the place…

Learn more … including many historical news … and some legend!

Ialenti’s family