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Organ Trio – Dinner show

Polimetrie and complex polyrhythms proposed last night in the tavern by “Organ Trio” through a personal virtuosity and a remarkable musical talent. The Pier Paolo Ferroni rhythmic battery engaging extolled by Ludovico Piccinini guitar and Hammond organ Sandro Mambella through an original musical journey and extremely interesting. Space also historical pieces by John Coltrane and John McLaughlin. In the morning, Pier Paolo Ferroni held a seminar musical depth with some students. Thanks to the organizers: Armin Siros and Chiara Ialenti and thanks especially to the wonderful audience intervened.

Orchestra “Musical Offering” Venice – An autumn evening

The Orchestra quartet “Offer Venice Musical,” which takes its name from a collection of sonatas by Johann Sebastian Bach based on a musical theme designed by King Frederick II of Prussia, made it memorable … an autumn evening … Ancient Taverna del Principe.

Thanks to Maestro Riccardo Parravicini, violinist Scott Lowry, cellist Emmanuel Praticelli, the soprano Maria – Lisa Geyer, the organizer of the event Monica Beltrami.

In addition to professionalism, we could appreciate the sympathy, the friendliness, the deep love of culture, not just music.

Soon with a new intense encounter!

Meeting with Carla Maria Russo and his latest book “The Bastard Sforza”

Carla Maria Russo, award-winning author with “The Bride Norman” novel meets molisani to present his latest novel “The Bastard of Sforza.”

It is yet another historical novel by Carla Maria Russo, is yet another story of a strong woman, warrior and master of its destiny, in the second half of 1400, in a beautiful and Milan in turmoil after the rise to power of Galeazzo Maria Sforza, saràcoinvolta in a series of fierce clashes between power groups and factions, finds himself fighting spirit and indomitable courage of a time and will fight as and better than a man, leaving a mark so indelible in the lives of those who love and of those who hate. If you want to know the story of the great women need to read the Carla Maria Russo Novels: The Bastard Sforza, Queen Irreverent, The Bride Norman, The Lover of the Doge, Lola will be born at eighteen, The Knight of the Lily.

Carla Maria Russo is Molise origins: it was born, in fact, in Campobasso from Campobassani parents, lives and works in Milan. He has never forgotten his origins and meets every year his countrymen.